Friday, December 30, 2011

Spring Sessions.

After a break this fall, dates are set for spring photography classes at the Museum of Visual Materials.  I wasn't sure if it would work out with my current schedule, but I caved- I love doing this!

You know, I've had several students tell me that they've taken other photography classes, only to find the information over-simplified or in general, a let-down. 

Students have been psyched to find a class that works step by step, methodically, transitioning from the most basic information up to techniques that may take years to master, all in one night, with all of the class information included in a simple take-home packet and a free pass to ask me questions any time in the future.

I focus on getting things right in-camera, using natural light only, so this is perfect for the everyday photographer who wants better pictures, without extra equipment or software.  And all in a relaxed environment.  All I'm saying is, you will probably love these classes.  OK?


Want to learn how to take better pictures with ANY camera?  Nearly all that makes a photograph great happens before we click the shutter.  Learn the basics of composition, color, light and more at this class.

Requirements:  Any camera and a desire to take better photographs.
Cost: $25
Time: 7-8:30
Dates: February 21, March 6, April 17


We purchase a DSLR because we think it will take "better" pictures- only to find it clunky, confusing, and many times the results are disappointing.  Join us for the DSLR Basics class to learn all the technical basics you need to understand the terms and functions of your DSLR, and leave with a packet of very useful information in a friendly format.  You'll leave with all of the information you'd need to make the transition from Auto to Manual at your own pace.

Requirements: A DSLR or plans to own one in the future.
Cost: $25
Time: 7-8:30
Dates:  February 28, March 27, and April 24.

The material is unique to each class, with no overlap of information between the two.  Those interested in the DSLR class will find Basic Photography useful as well, as they work in tandem. 

A portion of each session fee supports the MoVM and all the great art and events they bring to our community.  Class size for each is very limited.  Call Jessica at the MoVM (Uptown at 500 N Main- just down the street from The Ransom) to get a spot or two, and make sure to bring a friend- these classes are so much fun!  Please pass these dates on as well, if you know someone who might enjoy these classes.  It's a huge high five to me when they fill up.  Thanks!


Eva said...

yo. so i read this. and i've admired your photos for a long time. i'm interested though obviously i can't come to a class! is it possible, perhaps, that i could get a copy of your class materials to read?

Kristen Maddux said...

Great idea, Eva! I also would love to hear some of this content and would pay to read it (or watch a video on what you teach?) Just throwing it out there!!.....

Megan said...

Great questions, ladies, and certainly something I've been asked before- Right now, none of the content from these sessions- meaning the slideshows, the packets, and my own words and teaching- are able to stand alone. I don't currently have all of this material merged into one format to allow an individual to work through it at their own pace, alone.

Creating something like this has been on my back burner since last year, and I don't have plans right now to do so- but of course, this may change. If it does, I will let you know!

Until then, if you ever have questions, feel free to ask!


Katie said...

Will each of the basic photography classes be the same, or are they a series? I just wanted to be sure that I don't sign up for a later one, only to realize that I missed info from the earlier ones. I hope this makes sense!

Megan said...

The classes are each complete in one night. There is no overlap in content between the DSLR and Basic Photography classes, and each is held once a month. So, go ahead and sign up for the night/month that works best for you!