Friday, December 30, 2011

Jan Brett

Who's That Knocking on Christmas Eve?

Grace has been obsessed with Jan Brett books this season since she did a unit on the author at school. 

She loves the stories, the B stories, and the illustrations.  She has spent tons of time on Jan Brett's website- which is a super wonderful place for an older child to explore.  It is full of fun information and instructional videos teaching us how to draw her characters for ourselves- all very charming and neat.  You can even save the files to your computer to use anywhere- how generous!  This one is Grace's favorite character- and there's a cute surprise guest.

Grace has drawn quite a bit from these videos, and I would post a picture of her work if I had one...another day.  Brett is a lovely woman and a wonderful teacher as well as storyteller.  These books are especially great in winter and of course can be found at your local library.  Enjoy- we certainly have.

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Danielle said...

We've enjoyed a couple of her books too. Her illustrations are lovely and intricate.