Friday, December 30, 2011

Wet Paint.

Jim got me a watercolor set for Christmas.  I've been wanting to try out watercolor painting for a while- I've never done it (or any other painting) before.  I just love the washes and the blending, the way the paint behaves, and the things I've seen others do with it.  So, why not try it for myself as a little winter hobby?

Armed with several library books on topic I painted for four hours yesterday afternoon.  I need quite a bit of practice, but I have enjoyed it.

Things I have on my side:  Good knowledge of color, composition, and photograph/subject inspiration.

Things against me: Lack of experience, talent, and patience.

I am keeping on.  I painted a lovely parakeet yesterday , as well as a peacock today.  Both are satisfactory, if not beginner-level.  Above is my first acceptable painting- a "honey bird" as Hudson calls it.

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