Monday, December 3, 2012


Our first big stop was SeaWorld.  It's fun, it's clean, it's not too crowded (especially the rides for kids.) 

We had a great time, saw a few of the shows, and at the end we got to feed some dolphins; who can't love a dolphin?  Seriously they are the Tom Hanks of animals.

Here's an excerpt from Patie's journal, followed by more shots from the day:

11-26-12: Second Day
I touched a sting ray. 
I went on a rollercoaster that got me wet.
I went on a spinning teacups ride. 
I went swimming.
My sisters and my brother and my grandma, grandpa and my mom fed dolphins. 
I saw a shark that was half a foot longer than my brother and my brother is 48 inches tall. 
I went to three shows.  In one I saw Shamu the killer whale.  There was one with sea lions and otters.  In the end of that one an otter started chasing a man with a sword in its mouth.  It was funny.  And another one with dolphins.

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