Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Magic Kingdom.

Crowded, crazy, loud, iconic, worth it, and fun.

Several years ago Jim and I went to Disney World without kids (Grace was about 6 months old and we left her behind.)  It was really fun; we honestly enjoyed it very much.

Now I can't imagine ever going without my kids- how could I possibly enjoy this when I would be constantly thinking of how much they would love it?  I would just miss them. 

P.S. The new Fantasyland is going to be great.  What we saw was awesome.

You must always take the ferry first.  Then when you're exhausted you take the monorail.  But the ferry first.  Always.

After hearing the song about 200 times on one of their Disney compilation CDs, the kids finally visited the Enchanted Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room...

Patie's journal for the day:

11-27-12: Disney World

I went on a spaceship roller coaster and I couldn't see anything.  It went really fast.  Only my mom, me, and dad liked it.

I also went on a ride called Splash Mountain.  I got kind of wet.  And I went on one called Thunder Mountain Rail Road.  It was fun and fast.

We got ice cream because we could not find my mom and my sisters and grandma.  It was tasty.

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