Monday, December 3, 2012

Patie's Trip Journal.

All three of the girls kept journals of their vacation.  Lily was required to do so for school, and Grace wrote a bit, then began writing stories instead.  Patience especially loved documenting every detail of significance she could remember from her day and the result was really accurate (and adorable.)  Today she read the entire journal to her class and afterward nearly every single person in her class had a question for her about her trip.  Today is also her birthday, by the way.

I decided to include Patie's journal entries about each day of her trip.  Here are a few of her first notes as she wrote them:

On the plane I got dizzy when we took off and when we landed.
My sister and brother went swimming while me and my other sister, my grandma, and my mom went shopping.
Florida is known for its beaches, sunshine, crocodiles, Disney World, and orange juice.
I went on 11-25-12.
I am 7 years old.
It is a week until my birthday.
My hotel room is like a mini house.
On the plane we sat close to the wing.

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