Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Recap.

OK.  I know you were dying to know how it went.

Thursday I dropped the kids off with Grandma, came back to Sioux Falls, and went to some garage sales, then I bought groceries, and Lily and Grace's birthday presents.
I got home, washed and sorted all of the kids' summer clothes from the storage tubs, and sorted/switched over their closets for spring/summer. 

When Jim got home, we did miscellaneous tasks, made lists of what we wanted to get done over the weekend, then drank a bottle of wine and watched Glee.  It was a good day.

Friday morning we got up, got organized, and started working.  Jim fixed our doorbell, changed a headlight, fixed the railing on our basement stairs, ate lunch with friends, and did some other things, I forget.  We also steamed all the carpets in our house.  So, most of the day, our house looked like....

When things were dry, everything was re-organized, cleaned, and put back where it belonged.  Then, totally tired, we went to Target to buy new sheets for our bed, because that was my motivation to finish, grabbed some ice cream, and came home to drink another bottle of wine, and watch The King's Speech- which was incredible, and I have since geeked-out with the DVD special features.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to meet friends for coffee, then we helped our church move it's offices into our new building- I'm really glad we could be there-  it's a pretty big deal. 

We grabbed lunch with everyone, then headed over to see some of our African friends.  Here's a video from that afternoon....

Then, we ran home because our dogs had been left inside all day, and Jim went back out to head over to our other refugee family's house, so he could take them out to buy seeds and garden supplies, and give them advice about when to plant things (it's a little colder here than in Africa, go figure).

Saturday night we went out with a couple of great friends, who also flew sans kids for the weekend.  We ate steak, then went to the Wild Sage for dessert, and Touch of Europe for drinks.  We were out until like, midnight- it was fantastic.

Sunday morning we picked up coffee, breakfast, and Lily's birthday balloons- Sunday was her 5th birthday- and we headed to MN to grab the kids, and have Easter dinner/ Lily's party with Jim's family, which was also great.

And then it was all over and Monday showed up as usual.


Rachel said...

I geeked out over the King's Speech too. It's the best movie I've seen lately.

Sounds like a great weekend. Actually, it sounds like my husband's dream weekend. Cleaning. :)

Danielle said...

LOVED the King's Speech too. And, gotta say seeing your pics of your steam cleaning adventure reminds me why I love my hardwood floors! :)

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a productive weekend. It's amazing what you can get done without kids underfoot! And a big CONGRATS to The Ransom on their new digs!