Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All the Makings of the Most Romantic Weekend Possible...

Spent some time today planning what I'll be doing with this guy all weekend.

Sometimes Jim's parents take our kids for the weekend, and that's nice, because our kids are happier on their farm than anywhere else on earth, and Jim and I get to spend some time remembering what it's like to be alone, to eat dinner whenever we want to, to be loud after 8 PM, and to see movies in a theatre.

Our kids will be away this weekend.  Jim and I have been really itching to get away for about 2 months.  We wanted to head to another city, like when we went to Chicago last spring,  but didn't want to spend too much money- which limits us- so we looked around.  We like just hanging out- especially checking out new places.  After much Googling of events in Chicago, Kansas City, and the TCs, we couldn't settle on anything, and didn't want to pay to fly anywhere.  And as much fun as it would be do jump in our kid-free car and just get out of town...  the plans weren't coming together.  And we don't want to spend very much money...did I mention that?  Let me stress again- I'm dying to get away for a long weekend with Jim.  But I can't make peace with the price tag.

We'll have 3 days together- he'd already planned to take Friday off from work.  I find our revised weekend plans humorous- here they are:
  • While he's at work on Thursday, I'm going to super-clean the house.  That means like, moving furniture and everything.
  • We're going to volunteer at The Banquet on Friday morning- something we always want to do but the time never works out for us.
  • We will steam the carpets on the main floor of our house. 
  • Jim is going to inspect our vacuum, which has been giving me woes, and we may need to buy a new one.  If so we'll add finding a new vacuum to the list.
  • Work in the yard.
  • Pay Jim's income taxes.
  • Buy birthday presents for Lily and Grace.
  • Get a chip filled in our van's windshield.
  • Fix our doorbell.
  • Watch Steve Carrel's last episode of The Office.
  • See The King's Speech at the cheap theatre.  If it's still there.  Hopefully.
  • Drink lots of wine.
  • Enjoy how productive we can be without kids. 

After all the work is done, I'm sure we'll still have a ton of time left to do nothing together.  And I'm looking forward to that.  A lot.

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Danielle said...

Funny! Sometimes being productive is pretty darn important, and can even be romantic. I remember one of the first times my mom took my kids for the weekend. We were in church sans kids and we were asked what we did without them. We looked at each other, grinning, and said: "Cleaned the basement!"

Ours is an unfinished basement and the boys were about 2. There was NO WAY we'd have been able to clean it with them around. And it made me VERY happy to have it clean. :)

Have a great weekend!