Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the Fourth Be With You

We were about to leave the house.

I grabbed a quick shot of Hudson to commemorate Star Wars Day.

But then I thought I should grab a shot of Patie to document a little unapproved scissor work she did on Monday. 

Patie really almost never does anything wrong, but she has a weakness for scissors.  Cutting her hair.  Without asking.  She's done it three times in the last year- hasn't fallen to temptation since last March.  We JUST THIS MONTH could get all of her hair back into a ponytail without clipping the short stuff back...and she did it again. 

You can see a picture of where her bangs were a year ago in April here.  Basically, we're back where we started, plus a little more lost.  I had just finished getting it all back as best I could, or I would have let it show more for the picture.

Even she doesn't fully know why she does it.... It's just one of those inexplicable things kids do that baffle their parents.  We all agree every time she does it, it's a huge mistake.  The front of her hair is now about an inch long- you can see a little falling down in front-  I'm able, with coaxing and hairspray, to get the front to blend in a little with the rest of her hair...  She cried, I cried, and all Jim could say was, "It could have been worse."  Oh, and, "Sometimes kids are going to do things that just don't make any sense."
Moving on.

So by then I'd snapped half my kids- so why not get them all? 

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Eva said...

happy national star wars day to you too. we are watching return of the jedi right now. youth group night = daddy gone = fun movie with mommy. and pizza on the couch =)