Wednesday, May 11, 2011

People Watching People

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting at Starbucks in Barnes and Noble, waiting for a friend.  I glanced down and noticed this spot, where a student obviously was studying, preparing for finals- laptop and energy drink in tow.  He wasn't there at the time, and I snapped this shot quick with my pocket camera. Under the table.  Like a private investigator.

Wow.  Hitchens, The Atheist's Bible, and a giant pile of Microbiology notes.

Do you ever people watch?  Wonder about their lives?  I wonder if he really ascribes to a Hitchens-like world view, or if he's considering it.  I wonder if he's just curious and wants to be well-informed, or if his Microbiology professor is persistently quoting Hitchens and the like to the point that he wanted to read it for himself. I know I had a few profs much the same. 
You people watch too, right? 

Well I'm just people watching the other people watching me; We're all people watching the other people watching we...  Jack Johnson, People Watching

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Eva said...

yep, i def do that. hitchens. yikes. reading Bonhoeffer is making me realize how that atheist/darwinism/Nietzsche worldview really completely influenced hitler. oh the things they never taught us.