Tuesday, May 10, 2011



The first mosquito:

come here, and I will kill thee,

holy though thou art.

-Wendell Berry, Leavings

This week it finally started acting like Summer is on it's way- the weather was warm, the rain is making things green, trees have buds. 
It took a very, very long time for real Spring to show up this year.
But Saturday night we grilled with neighbors, and the weather was awesome, and I saw several insects, including gnats and wasps- and last week I saw a few baby arachnids outside.  Hudson also got two mosquito bites on his face.  As unpleasant as they are, I'm relieved.  Spring beats Winter once again.

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Anonymous said...

I"m so glad you still blog! I blogged several years back and quit. I'm back at it and trying to find good blogs, (Christian moms) to read their blogs again, so many people have stopped. I'm going to start reading yours. :) Yeah