Monday, March 29, 2010


We spent a few days in Chicago. That apple is a subtle nod to one of our favorite movies, Stranger than Fiction- which was filmed guessed it.

Neither one of us had been there before, but we know so many people who have- we were stocked with local suggestions.

We had our first Chicago hot dogs. Man, I must have been so jazzed about the dog I forgot to take a straight picture.

We walked and soaked it all in, just loving being together just us, discovering new places, checking things out. Chicago is a fantastic city to visit- bustling, beautiful, and extremely friendly and easy to get to know and love.

This is one of Chicago's very first blooms of the season. You know how I know? We walked about 10 miles in 2 days (no exaggeration) and green shoots were everywhere- but this is just one of 2 blooms I could see. I consider myself an expert on the subject. So there you go.

It was a very full weekend. Very full. I wouldn't even try to blog it all- but it was relaxed, incredibly fun, rejuvenating, and did I mention laid back and relaxed? I love my man, and time to just chillax together is like, well, a big deal to us. We walked, we explored, we ate, we drank lots of coffee, we just sat, we checked out some stores, we just took it all in.
The Chicago Cultural Center took my breath away. Yes, there were so many gorgeous buildings to discover, but this one struck a cord. It was originally built as a library, and is now used for programs, events, and public offices. This place was incredible. The details, the tiled walls, the domes. The details, the details. Oh my. There was an angelic choir practicing above us while we walked through the quiet halls, giving amazing mood to it all. It's not that it's a huge building, and probably isn't the most majestic one either. But something about it's original design- a building purposed for the discovery of knowledge and truth that also strikes your heart and soul with beauty and inspiration- a full circle experience, as all searching for truth should be- a beautiful journey. I don't know, there was just something in the juxtaposition of this gorgeous, silent building crafted with incredible skill and beauty, that inspires so much thought and reflection, alongside the bustling, bursting Saturday afternoon streets outside, full of shoppers and sightseers, on their way to the GAP or somewhere. So much questing for satisfaction was out there, and no one was stopping to stop and take in the quiet beauty inside.
Friday night we found ourselves here, at the Signature Lounge, with a corner table right smack against the glass 1000 feet in the air. Arguably one of the most awesome places to be for a view of the city. Period.
Did I mention, we were with two of our favorite people??
All this and me without my wide angle. I was packing light, people.

I didn't pull out my camera for every single thing, but we took our time, and if I saw something I wanted to catch, I did, but I didn't get caught up in catching it all- this was about getting away, to be together, to be with friends, to do nothing and 100 amazing things all in one weekend. And the long drive home found us happy and peaceful for the adventure and the rest, for the home we got to come home to, and for the next adventure on the slate- Boston this fall. Can't wait!


Rachel said...

Glad you had fun! What does the 2JN56 tag mean? been trying to figure that one out for a while.

Joe said...

Fun to read your post, and glad to hear you enjoyed yourselves. I like how one of your photos from the Hancock Observatory had the Rock 'n Roll McDonald's in it. :) I may need to revisit the Chicago Cultural Center...the one time I visited, I went to a free experimental jazz concert. I later learned that means 30 musicians all playing their own music in different keys and LOUD. It was so bad I walked out, which I really don't do. Your photos really captured its elegance.

The Bean aka Cloudgate is really fun to photograph. I've gone at 8am before on a was me and the cleaning guy with a mop and bucket.

Where was the close-up shot of the grate with the green 'patina', do you remember?

Danielle said...

Glad you had fun! And Boston in the fall, I'm jealous! I've wanted to go there for so long and it's not even THAT far from me. Love all your urban shots.

anne said...

Your pictures make me want to go for a weekend trip. I miss the city. Sounds and looks like an amazing weekend. I'm glad you hit some awesome places...Chicago is an amazing city with endless possibilities.
LOVE your pics. :)

Unknown said...

Wow! I'm honestly just filled with joy for you and Jim, that you were able to get away and spend time together. You look SO good in your photo together... not just in the cosmetic sense... but in the deep-down sense of goodness. And of course, your photos are beautiful as well. :)

Shelby-Grace said...

Your city shots are absolutely AMAZING!!!! I am in awe of your photo skillz!

The pictures of you look great. I think you're right, it's just weird to post pictures of yourself on your own blog. I hardly ever do. Mostly because I am the one who takes the pictures in the family and also because it's just weird! But I often find myself thinking, when I'm reading other blogs, I wish they would post some pictures of themselves on here sometimes:)

Glad you got some time away and had a such a relaxing time.

Ashley said...

I actually squealed out loud when I saw Brandon & Jen. Thrilled to see you enjoyed it! I love Chicago -- so many neat things to see and it's closer than people realize.

As always, your pictures are beautiful!

Jane said...

GORGEOUS photos, Megan!
Just stunning!

Eva said...

looks like our recommendations were taken to heart. glad you had a good time. wish i could visit too. it's a great place.

Lisa said...

oh how i love chicago! looks like a great time!!!

Colleen said...

I've only been to Chicago once and it was a very rushed trip, but we really loved it. I'd like to get the chance to go there again. Maybe next summer.