Monday, August 9, 2010


While chilling out near the coffee waiting for people to show up at church yesterday, a couple of friends and I got on Twilight, and subjected our Twi-clueless friend Chelsea to a near 10 minute conversation that must have sounded completely ridiculous to her. 

The topics (all Twi-related) were varied and the debate was heated at points- though we did have common ground to stand on in the end.  I won't even mention the things we disagreed on.  I'll get all wound up again.

It's all in love, people.

But yeah.  Chelsea, I'm sure, thinks we're idiots.  Maybe we sounded a little bit like this...


Life with The Dynamic Duo said...

I love that sketch. I watched that episode of SNL and laughed my head off. It was fun to watch it again! :-)

Eva said...

hahahahaha. so, perhaps i shouldn't ask, but are you team edward or jacob? or that what got you all heated? =)