Monday, August 9, 2010

Last Night

Patie and I went on a date.  We like to take our kids out alone, we love it, they love it.  But during the week, it's so hard, when there's almost no time between when Jim gets home, dinner, and bedtime.  And weekends- they're always random, and we like to be all together. 

So we don't get to take each one out alone "all the time".  Because if you take one out alone, every other one is upset if they don't get to do the same sometime in the relatively soon future.  It's tough.  It's enough to just take them out on an errand run and throw in something small and special, but, even that doesn't happen that often since I plan errands to happen when Jim isn't home, so when he is home, we're together.

But, we still do it.  Not as often as we like, but we do.

Several times a week, someone asks me on a date.  Usually with some sort of letter or note.  I usually have to say "soon", or, "maybe this weekend", etc.  It's just never a "good time". 

Yesterday, Patie gave me this.

And even though there was a thunderstorm, and it was the end of the day and I was feeling ready to do "nothing" for the rest of the night, I said yes.

Because I can't always say no.

We went to Panera for a snack and drinks and watched kitten videos on YouTube.  Then we went to Target and got a coloring book.

It was lovely.

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anne said...

yay. I love it!