Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Soul Sister

Grace and Patie have something that I don't have with them.  Lily and Hudson have that sort of exclusivity too.  I'm happy for them. 

There's a lot of things Grace and Patie never articulate to me.  I know, because I hear their hushed tones, their long conversations.  I see them working quietly together at different parts of the day on projects, or reading books. 

I'm thankful they have that.  But still, it's hard to occasionally be left out.

Patie's low-level of tact for secrecy makes sure that's not always the case.

Grace is a deeply thoughtful soul.  Patience has big thoughts, but is an open book.  Patie's heart is a lake spread out, Grace's more of a deep, deep vessel.

Grace saves her deepest, deepest thoughts for herself, and her sister.  She almost never exposes them to me. 

Patie doesn't get it.  On more occasions than I can count, she's effortlessly spilled Grace's thoughts right out back to me, not realizing what she's done.

For instance, last week I noticed Grace's hair felt gross, like there was a ton of lotion in it or something, and I could tell she'd brushed it out for a large part of the morning.  I asked her about it, and Patie matter-of-factly informed me that Grace "hates" her curly hair and was trying to straighten it.

Grace instantly shot a look of fire to Patie, betrayed and annoyed.  She side-whispered to her, "NoNo Patie." 

Which really meant, "Stop talking now."

I pressed Grace about it.  She was embarrassed, so I let it go. 

She was trying to get all the curl out of her hair.  She knows everyone loves her curly hair.  She's complimented on it all over, often by strangers, and of course she knows I love it.

I spend 10 minutes a day with one of these, so I'm not someone who can say too much disparaging on the subject...but still, it hurts my heart that she doesn't see the beauty in her golden curls.  That she's not satisfied.  But I get it.  She's growing up.  Trying new things.  It's a part of the process.

This type of situation drives Grace crazy, yet she keeps baring her soul to her sister.

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Sarah said...

Beautiful, Megan. What a gift for your girls to have that. I am hoping for the same thing for mine.

p.s. the train song by the same name has been stuck in my head for days. Thank you SO much for making sure it's right back there this morning :)