Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I took time out last Saturday morning to go thrifting alone. That's really the only way to do it, people.

Here are a few of my Found Items.

I found this awesome blue scarf- now the nicest one I have, and I have a lot of them- it's OH so soft. And a few strands of beads. I needed them.

And I found these matching pillar stands. Very Anthropologie-esque.

And a beautiful conch. We have another, larger, one I also found while thrifting one day.

And I found this sturdy trivet.

And a clipboard I now have on the wall by the door so it can be all useful again.

And I found this wonderful green bowl. My big spender purchase (see below).

And I of course came home with some books- we get SO MANY books thrifting, especially for our school library. I KICK MYSELF regularly for selling back so many of my books in college (I majored in English) so whenever I find classics like these, they are familiar, and I'm happy to grab them up. I also found a neat children's book from 1950 with fantastic illustrations and stories about the seasons, and 2 primers both published in 1900. They may actually be worth something. But I just think they're neat.

I also picked up a blanket that will be great for early morning photo shoots when the grass is wet.

Altogether I visited 4 stores.

I spent $24.93.

$10.23 was in books alone.

And my lovely green bowl was a whopping $6.00.

Meaning save for the books and bowl I spend about $8 on the rest.

This is why thrift stores should have some sort of warning label. You can get addicted.

By the way, last fall I got two vintage cameras for a quarter each and just recently put them out. I'd bought them just before I put out our Christmas decorations, so I didn't do it at the time. I like them.


Anonymous said...

As you home school, hopefully you are already familiar with these two links . . .

As a photographer, I really enjoy your blog. You have a great way of writing!

Colleen said...

Awww darn... now I need to go thrifting. Except that I don't really need to because I'm trying to declutter, but I really want to. Love the blue trivet and the green bowl! More beads? :)
I love the way you set up the shelf. Very pretty.

Shelby-Grace said...

I wish we had some good thrift stores around here. I would love to go and find some great things like you did! Hopefully after we move, I'll have better luck out west:)

Kimberly said...

Oh, I love it!! Your shelf looks awesome with the cameras. Great job!

Megan O. said...

You got some awesome stuff! I love that green bowl!

Danielle said...

Wow, love ALL your finds! Love the pillar holders, bowl, scarf, all of it! Can I go thrifting with you??

anne said...

Dang girl you scored BIG!

We have really bad thrift stores around here...REALLY bad. I should give them another go though, because you never know.

ps- We are totally on the same wavelength because I JUST bought an old vintage camera etsy though, and it was $6. but still funny that we both just bought the same random thing.