Wednesday, April 28, 2010


My best thinking is done while I'm straightening my hair. You wouldn't believe the ideas and breakthroughs I've had while I'm working the CHI.

Here's a taste of some recent thoughts.

Everywhere we go, we will run in to people who think we're too much of something. Or too little. Personal opinions are infinitely varied, are never satisfied, are never at peace with one another.

Thankfully, I belong to Someone who's perspective is full and complete and true.

I will never be the ideal for 1000 other minds.

But I belong to the One who is Extravagantly more than Enough.

And He is all mine and I am all His.

And my worth is all wrapped up in Him.

And I can rest in that.


Megan O. said...

beautiful reminder. thanks.

~B said...

I needed to read this! Thanks. ~B

Shelby-Grace said...

So very very true!