Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gilbert never, EVER lets the fever lick him.

We did this last year. It was awesome. And right then I knew the tradition I'd dreamed of for me and my girls, and my son, so help him, of watching the Anne movies once a year was a reality. We've rented and loved the Avonlea episodes I so very much adored as a child, and now we all love them together. Even Jim. He loves PEI. He's tough enough to love Price Edward Island with the rest of us.

We've read the books. Last year we rented the movies from the library. This year, I purchased them secretly. My idea last year was to begin this tradition: The first morning we wake up to snow, our first real, honest-to-goodness snow-all-day, snowy day (we have one every year, usually in late October or a little later), we will drop everything we had planned, stay in our pajamas, cuddle up in the living room and watch the first Anne movie. We'll make pizza and cookies, while watching of course, and I'm really looking forward to it. Every year.

Then, during the Advent season, we have this sweet calendar that's always filled with candy, notes, surprises, etc. Inside one of the days, the kids will find a note saying we'll watch the second Anne movie that day, repeating all the other steps above. You should never watch the third movie. It's horrible.

Jim, if you want some manlier traditions for Hudson, you'll have to take care of that yourself.

This year, our first snow day came early, on Monday. As unwelcome our below-normal temperatures and freakishly early snowfall was this year, I was very excited nonetheless. In perfect form, the snow fell during the night, but only giving us a couple of inches- and still fell for a while through the morning, giving the 4 little Kochs the complete experience. It was pretty- early, annoying, but pretty.

Here's how it went down...
We woke up to this...

We had steamers for breakfast, which is pretty common in the colder months. Milk is better warm and frothy.

This picture kills me. Just hilarious. I mean seriously. I didn't realize I caught such an off-moment when I took this. It just cracks me up. Don't get too excited or anything kids.
I always do a little art project with the chocolate syrup...usually a letter, or a heart. It takes so little to impress my children. Heck, chocolate drizzle still impresses me. On just about anything.
The girls were totally excited. I got all excited too. Hudson split his time between watching and playing alone downstairs with no one to bug him.
Isn't it funny, how serious kids' faces look when they're watching TV?
Oh, how sad. Poor Anne, getting left at the orphanage like that.
Bella loves to watch TV.
See? I clicked the shot, and then she was all, "Woman, wat-choo think you doin', taking my picture when I am clearly watchin' this???!" (Yes, most of the time, my cat's imaginary voice I give her in my head sounds like Wanda Sykes.)
Oh, this just slayed my heart. I was in the kitchen switching the cookies in the oven during the scene when Matthew dies. I got teary, and wondered how the kids were doing with it, and there was Grace, sitting on the couch, tears down her face, usin' her sleeve to wipe them off every so often, sniffing and getting in a good cry. My heart just broke. So I of course secretly took her picture first, then I went in and sat with her till the movie moved on. Oh, precious little lady.

We ate cookies and fruit for lunch. They were whole grain, so it's like it's OK. Then, we were so into it, we totally just went ahead and watched the second movie too. It finished just before Daddy got home. Grace and Patie were right there with me, till the end. And I kid you not, when Anne said she didn't want marble halls or sunbursts, "I just want you", Grace- this totally happened- Grace sighed a big sigh and left a little smile on her face. Oh, child. You're my little girl.

I can't wait until they're a little older, and we're totally adding the 5 hour Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice to the yearly list. Mr. Darcy, I ardently love you.


anne said...


That is C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

2. I'm excited about the chocolate drizzle too...oh, and caramel. IT just TASTES better with fun decor.

3. I hated when people called me Anne of Green Gables....HOWEVER
3b. I LOVE Anne, and it brings back SUCH great memories of watching it with my cousins as a little girl.

4. I ALWAYS {ALWAYS} cry when Matthew dies { uh, I hate watching that part!!!}. That picture of GRACE....amazing. What a great memory that is!

5. I love that Bella talks like Wanda Sykes...TOTALLY get that vibe from her 'tude. :)

STAY WARM!!! Love you friend!

Anne Elizabeth said...
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Anne Elizabeth said...

I am so stealing this idea! I LOVE Anne:) I can't wait for it to snow so I can do this. Heck I may just do it the next time it rains. Who knows when we'll have a real snow day here.

Kimberly said...

Okay this is hilarious! Abigail and I were watching this for the first time together today while Noah was at school!!! I am so glad there are others out there who appreciate Anne with an "e" as much as I do!

Danielle said...

How fun! I always cry when Matthew dies too, ALWAYS! I hope I have a girl one day to have chick-flick-a-thons with! My hubby like the Anne movies pretty well himself, so I'm blessed.

You know where we went on our honeymoon as a surprise for me? PEI! We rented a cottage and it was so fun. I loved the place. And of course one day was spent visiting all the Anne haunts.

I just finished reading through the whole series this year. Am almost done with "Rilla of Ingleside." They're some of the best books ever!

Kiki said...

That is such a fun tradition!

Yelena R. said...

Really a snow day already! Fun :) I love the Anne series, and if I had a snow, that's totally what I would watch :)

Megan O. said...

What a great tradition! Your girls are going to have the best memories of these days. You are such a fun and creative mom. I laughed out loud at the Wanda Sykes reference.

Shelby-Grace said...

I have to admit I have never read or watched the Anne series...I know, what's wrong with me!! But you have convinced me to check out the books and the movies, and read them with my little one!

I'm so loving your snow! I am a winter weather girl and seeing your beautiful picture of it makes me miss living up in your part of the world:)

Beth Cotell said...

Girl, I love me some Anne of Green Gables!

When my husband and I were first married we moved into an apartment while they were building our house. We didn't have a VCR and this was long before everyone and their brother had a DVR.

PBS was showing the entire Anne series that summer and we both watched and loved it. I loved how earnest she was about everything!

What a great tradition you are starting with your family!

Eva said...

I see you got that new plasma you were looking forward to. Fun =)

Sarah said...

What a great day!
Gilbert was my first honest-to-goodness crush, and Mr. Darcy my second. I've never gotten over either.
(My Juli does the goofy sigh/smile at the end of P&P - it kills me every time. 'Course I'm usually doing it with her :)
I wish we lived closer, Megan - we must be kindred spirits!

Ashley said...

First of all, this post basically made my week. I can't totally place why (I, um, haven't seen these movies ... which makes me feel a little like a pariah at the moment) but every last bit of the day would be awesome. Even with early snow. (I feel your pain on that one.)

Second, I suddenly can't wait for the girls to be able to enjoy P&P, even though I may be waiting a little while. Something about sharing the P&P love just makes me happy. :)