Thursday, October 15, 2009


Bella is obsessed with all things bathroom. No doubt, she loves to get cra-zay with the TP. This week, while teetering on the high ledge of the master bath window, she totally broke every bathroom candle in one swoop. Then promptly hid for an hour, pretty sure she did a bad, bad thing.
She has been really into the tub and the master bathroom shower for a while, but then she discovered the sinks this week, like she'd never noticed them before, and now I find her in there all the time. Not to mention, her obsession with the toilet.
Oh, the potty. She is obsessed. I found her teetering on the rim this morning, peering down, contemplating life. Whenever we "go", I can tell, from her great curiosity and interest, she would really like to figure out how to be a big kid too. Then, she just excuses herself to the litter box, because she can't stand to watch us do our thing without doing hers, too.
All this gets me thinking about Mr. Jinx.
So what else is there to do, but YouTube the situation?
Would you believe this?

Look. I'm sure I just offended someone, but I, personally, laughed so hard alone at my desk that I nearly had to run to the potty myself. I mean, I was laughing out loud. Go YouTube "cat toilet Mr. Jinx" yourself- there are hundreds of absolutely hilarious accounts out there- Cats CAN do it...

Would you believe, one Google search later, that you can actually buy stuff for training them???

The Litter Kwitter. Honestly. I'm thinking about it. No. wait. I'm not. She could totally figure this out alone.

If she decides to "Go Jinxie", I'll let you know.


Keri said...

We've often talked about training our cat to go that way too! But until you can train them to flush for themselves I think it would just be too gross to wander in in the morning and find that little surprise waiting for you. Ick.

Cats are such smart buggers aren't they? I'm so much more a cat person than a dog person...

By the way- you won my bow giveaway! Come claim your prize :)

Amy said...

HAHA! That's a riot. I had no idea they could do that!!

Eva said...

I thought it was funny. Terry said it was making him feel sick and he couldn't watch anymore...