Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin in a Pinch.

If you love pumpkin pie, but are freaked out about the whole crust situation (it's OK to be scared. But just so you know, you CAN make amazing crust yourself. You can do it!) but so back to if you're freaked out by crust, or if you just want some PIE without really spending time on it at all- keep a few cans of canned pumpkin pie mix (next to the plain pumpkin puree- it's the same but with spices already in there). Read the label at the store- you'll need some evaporated milk and an egg.
Follow the directions for mixing and baking, but instead of a crust, put it in individual ramekins, or another oven-safe dish instead. You'll have to watch it closely, because the bake time depends on your container(s), but for sure it will take less than the bake time for pie- and they should bake beautifully.
Take them out when they are not yet all cracked on the tops- but are smooth, and giggle just slightly in the center when you gently shake the dish, or pan the ramekins are sitting on.
Bam, Pow, and Cool Whip later, you have a VERY simple, under 30 minute pumpkin pie substitute for any day of the week.
It's not just for Thanksgiving anymore.


Rachel said...

Yay! You know, yesterday, I was thinking I wanted to make some pumpkin pie, but had no crust. Will use this soon, for sure!

Danielle said...

I just made pumpkin bread today. It's cooling on the rack as I type. I'm trying to learn to make a good pie crust, but have not yet. I've been trying different recipes, but the problem may be me! :)

Eva said...

He he. I don't mind makin crust =)