Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This. Was. AWESOME!

People, I DIED when I saw this. Did you see this?!?!

Whether you like it or not, or think I'm a complete loser, I have probably seen EVERY episode of Saved by the Bell, INCLUDING the Miss Bliss days, at LEAST 12 times.

Oh, don't you remember Buddy Bands? That cell phone the size of a shoe? (I LOVED that phone!) The Zach Attack? That zit cream that turned everyone's faces maroon? That time Zach liked the girl that he later found out was homeless and he said in his neighborhood, they thought someone was poor if they didn't have cable TV? When Zach played the sacred song on the jukebox while he danced with some other girl to get back at Kelly when she dumped him for Jeff? Screech and Violet? When Lisa crashed her mom's car while they were singing along to "Wild Thing"? That time Jessie got hyped up on speed and flipped out? Remember how they graduated twice....once with Tori and no Jessie and Kelly...then again without Tori and J and K were back...all after being seniors for what seemed like three years... That, BTW friends, is called "The Tori Paradox".

Peeps, I haven't seen this show at ALL in the last 10 years, and I STILL could seriously WHOOP in SBTB trivia. Bring it ON.


Jackie said...

I literally just watched this about 15 minutes ago on E!'s site. Hysterical!!!! I have to post it on Facebook, of course - it's too good not to share ;)

Shelby-Grace said...

I am in awe of your SBTB knowledge! I too watched this show, but I can not match your trivia skillz!

stacey said...

That was HILARIOUS!!!!

I forgot about so many things until you just wrote that!LOL~ the zit cream was one of my favorites. Remember the Malibu Episodes?!? I was SO excited about Stacey Carosi~ because she had my name!(such a dork~I know)