Saturday, May 9, 2009

Don't Call it a Comeback...

Just in case I disappear again from time to time...

But I'm back for now!

I know several of you were hoping to see how things have changed at our house- honestly, it took a lot of time and mi casa got really, really dirty- but Jim did an awesome job, it all went really well, and almost everything we needed for the project was right here in our house anyway- so it was very inexpensive. Of course that's a good thing.

I explained all about what projects we were tackling in this post.

And for befores, if you don't know us IRL, or if you're just really into seeing befores and afters, you can stroll through the House Beautiful tab- there's plenty of pictures there if you're into that.

Here are some slideshows...

Nothing too amazing, but it's so fantastic to have our house our cozy home again, improved and ready for livin' in for as long as we're given it.

Did you notice the frames that don't have "real" pictures in them yet? It's all a work in progress, of course. I'll get to that. Until then, there's a fake picture of someone's wedding hanging in my living room...

The only thing new or purchased for these projects was the paint, except for the red shelf in the school room- that was $7 at a thrift store, it was brown and I painted it red. The dresser in the living room was free- an extra, old, extra-old, unused one from Jim's parents' house, that I think belonged to his grandparents. I bought the paint for it with a gift card, and really love how it turned out after lots of love, cleaning and painting.

Everything else you see is just shopped from the house and moved around- it was so nice to get faces back on our walls again!!

Our new TV will go right where that grey frame is above the dresser, and the dresser will hold all our remotes, dvds, etc. When Jim lands his new job, we're buying a new flatscreen to celebrate. And Jim got the wall all ready for it- so NO CORDS etc will show! We're both pretty excited to have a reason to buy that TV!

The new closet off the kitchen (the yellow closet) isn't finished yet- it's waiting for shelving. We'll do that in the near future- I'll keep all my china and extra dishes for entertaining etc in it. Love it!

And for the color-mind...
Our Main areas in our house are Behr Provence Cream
The dresser is Benjamin Moore 2147-30 Jalapeno Pepper
The stairway is Benjamin Moore HC-104 Copley Gray
The School Spot and Hudson's room are SW 6163 Grassland
The closet and the Play Room are Benjamin Moore 2021-20 Lemon

See you soon?!


Jane said...

All so beautiful! I especially love the lockers in your school room. My kids would have loved that when we were homeschooling at those ages!
Just. Very. Cool. All of it!

Unknown said...

Very very nice. I'm too tired to think of a better word than nice.

I love the dresser especially. I have a 'free' dresser in my garage right now that needs some attention.

hooray for a cord free wall!

anne said...

That DRESSER is ROCKIN! I mean I'm seriously in love with that! Jalapeno Pepper...what a great color!
I'm also IN LOVE with the grey in the stairway! You did an AMAZING job in that space!
What am I saying, it all looks so great, so fresh and clean.
Your hard work paid off!!! That is for sure!
LOVE it Megan!

B said...

Everything looks great. Of course it's no surprise that you and Jim do such nice work.
I wish I could say we are making that much progress on our house.

Lisa said...

looks great!!! available any time soon to help at my house?!? ;)

Jenn Boerger said...

Beautiful, as always! The other side of your "pantry" must be a coat closet by the front door?? And which room is your school room now, downstairs next to the girls? What I wouldn't do to have your creativity and eye for decor!

About Brandon said...

You guys have done a great job! I also love how your dresser turned out! Miss you!

MOPS of Lyon County said...

Will you seriously come to our new house in Rock Rapids. I think you could have a interior decorator career on the side. Really, I'm serious about you coming!