Thursday, May 7, 2009

A New Season

After months of slush and frozen things falling from the sky,
and months of messy, complicated projects going on in my house,
and months of adjusting to a new job in addition to my beloved old ones,
it's finally really, truly, spring here.

And Jim is finally really, truly, done with all the house projects.
And I am really, truly, almost done with my end of the bargain to put the house together again.
And we're back into a strong routine of doing real, legitimate school lesson plans for these last few weeks, instead of just surviving on the basics like we'd been doing for the first months Jim was home and life was so different than we'd been used to.
And I'm really, truly getting the hang of being gone more, and balancing it all out.

Things are growing and popping up all over the place outside, and the windows are wide open, and my schedule is opening up too, so I can stop and enjoy it all a bit more.

I've painted several rooms in my house,
I've switched out clothes for summer for 4 kids,
I've painted a fun piece of furniture,
I've got pictures on my walls again,
And most of my house is clean.

I hope to take some pictures tomorrow,
and hope to have a bit of a comeback in the blogging world next week.
I hope.
Because blogging, and picture-taking, and decorating, and making you all read about decorating, and my kids, and my thoughts, is a favorite of mine.
Thanks especially to all of you for your little notes and emails and general checking in on me from time to time, I really appreciate it.


anne said...

Yay. yay. YAY!

I've missed you so.

DYING to see pictures.

Glad to have you back!

Have an AWESOME weekend, and HAPPY MOTHER's Day to one of the HOTTEST and AWESOMEST Mama's I know! :}

Lisa said...

so glad you're doing well
ditto on the can't wait to see pictures.
ps - you need to stop over & see what's new at our house :)

Eva said...

I never doubted you'd have everything worked out. It just wouldn't be you not to.

Mandy said...

Thinking of you! Praying for you! Hoping you return to blogging soon, too!

Kimberly said...

I've missed you much Megan. Im glad you are doing well. Praying God blesses this season of your life.