Monday, July 14, 2008

Money Monday!

It's a great time of year. For clearance. If you haven't noticed, there's a lot of it. You don't even have to look with "clearance eyes". It's right out there for even the most amateur bargain hunter to find.

Wait. Maybe you just bought a pair of shoes three weeks ago, you go back to the store, and, WHAT?! they're now 50% off. Tough. Right? Wrong. Did you save your receipt? If you did, march your bad self right to the Customer Service desk and sweetly ask for a price adjustment. Read all about them here. Really, take the time to click- I explained it all really well like, a year and a half ago. It's worth a LOT to you to get in on this. Then come on back here.

Did you read it? Great. A note- you don't have to say, "Um, hi. I heard from someone online that I might be able to take in my receipt and get a refund if the stuff I bought went on clearance..." etc. Just take yourself up to the counter, and kindly greet that person working in retail with a smile- because Lord knows, and anyone who's worked in retail knows, they need a smile. Just hand them the receipt and ask for a price adjustment. They'll know exactly what it is. You don't need to explain yourself. If they don't know, it's because they're new. They need to learn. A manager will help them. Look, you've just made them better at their job. Good for you.

In the future, make it a practice to save the receipt when you buy clothes etc. Keep them in a special place in your wallet so you've got 'em if the time is right. You don't want to have to make another special trip back to the store. Sort through them from time to time, of course, and I promise you won't regret taking the time to Adjust.

Happy Monday, to each and every one of you wonderful people.


A Crafty Mom said...

Look at your cute little Gap overalls - they are sweet :-) I'm a sucker for a kid in overalls - love 'em!!! I love this tip and have been guilty of not doing it in the past . . . used excuses like "I'm too busy to go back to the store" or "maybe they won't give me the difference". Sometimes the downside to buying on clearance is you don't get the sizes you want . . . I find that at Old Navy a lot. They always seem to be out of slim pants in 4T and that's all Peter can wear. I'll try to get them full price and get my discount when they go on clearance now. The kids definitely need a few things for fall, so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for some sales in the next few months.

I also found a great consignment shop in my city where they sell really, really nice brand name clothes completely cheap. They are really picky about the stuff they accept, so it looks like brand new. I've even sold stuff there . . . not so much the boys' stuff - they are too hard on their clothes at their ages, but a ton of baby stuff I was given that the baby didn't wear. I took it in a few months ago and made $150!!!!! WOW!

Great tip Megan . . . of course :-)

Kimberly said...

Happy Money Monday to you, Megan!

thanks for the tips and hooray for the great finds!

Andrea@Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Oh, I am a clearance shopper from WAY back. And the price adjustment thing is the best. Brilliant, really.
Want to go shopping together sometime - we'd have such fun :)

I love how you pick topics that are so do-able and easy to remember, Megan. Whoo-hoo for Money Mondays!!


anne said...

First off...can you believe that stores are ready for "back to school"?!!!! It's only the start of July.
Secondly, I seasons ends markdowns. I got two shirts and two pair of sandals from J.Crew cuts for under $20.
Thirdly, I LOVE price adjustments!
What a great concept.
Lastly, we meet in t-minus three days! This is gonna be a great week!

amanda said...

totally had a megan money moment on friday...

target. a shelf for $35. i scored it for $8. i love end caps at target.

and truthfully, if i had your phone number i probably would have called you to tell you about it :)

anne said...

ps- I have to comment on your clever ending.
"you won't regret taking the time to Adjust"
Heehee! Dying here.

Grammy Staffy said...

My mom taught me the joys of bargain hunting and I still do it today. In fact I rarely buy anything that is not a bargain.

You are so cute and practical. Just luv ya.

New Girl on Post said...

You speak the truth! I worked at Sears for a year and a half and regularly did price adjustments. I also let customers that were polite to me in on that little secret.

Elizabeth Byler Younts said...

very cute clothing! & a great tip about price adjustments...i've known about it though never actually done it...but mostly b/c i am already buying on such a clearnace. :-) i'm a bargain shopper also! yay!

Annika said...

You found some great buys! I love getting a bargain too :) Annika

Kristen said...

Oh how I love the price adjustment!!

Unfortuneately, making it to the store once, is great for me. Going again in a couple of weeks to see if it is cheaper is really hard.

As always fabulous Money Monday!!

Kristen said...

Oh how I love the price adjustment!!

Unfortuneately, making it to the store once, is great for me. Going again in a couple of weeks to see if it is cheaper is really hard.

As always fabulous Money Monday!!