Monday, November 26, 2007

Update (And no, I did not get a nap today)

Our friend Annie, who is a massage therapist, shared a great tip in a comment she left below. Here it is, "Try massaging little Hudson's chest starting at his sternum and crossing up and over the opposite shoulder. Then, do the same crossing over the other shoulder. This is a massage move that does great things to break up that congestion." FYI to any parents out there.

Also, I discovered that in the frenzy of preparing for our trip last week I forgot to replenish our supply of baby wipes. So instead of taking a nap while the kids (and Jim) slept this afternoon, I went to Target. By the time I got home, Child 3 joined the club, and Husband is so sick he's definitely staying home tomorrow too. Child 4, the dogs, and I are holding out hope that we'll be spared. Sickness makes me so grateful for health!

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