Monday, November 26, 2007

Giving Up

Friday night we found ourselves at the Chamberlain McDonald's (the bright spot halfway between here and our family's houses). Child 1 does not want to eat her food, and it's not because she's discovered how unhealthy it is. Her stomach hurts. Flash forward several hours. We were all ecstatic to be home. Jim and I had finally gotten to crash into bed after a long trip. We were sleeping peacefully when Child 1 woke us up. You can guess what had happened with the food she did eat. Yuk. After what seemed like an eternity of cleaning up, we went back to sleep. Well, Jim did. It was time for me to feed the baby again. Saturday was spent watching many movies with and rubbing the back of Child 1, who could do little else.

Sunday morning Child 1 came bounding down the stairs ready to start a new day. Child 2 asked for Child 1's bucket. And so Sunday was spent with more movies and games with Child 2, who could do little else. A close eye was kept on Child 1, of course, who had energy, but little appetite yet.

By Sunday night we thought we were in the clear. Everyone seemed on the ups and no one else seemed to be getting sick. Then somewhere around 2 am Husband made a hasty retreat from the bed. That's right, Husband is now sick too. I try to find the good in any situation, so I joyfully set the alarm for 45 mins later since he obviously won't be at work today and get excited about the extra sleep I'm going to get before I face the day with a house full of sick Kochs. I barely get to sleep when Child 2 wakes up crying (rare in our house). I assume Husband's trip to the bathroom half woke her up, but she's still actually asleep, so coming in and covering her up takes care of that problem. Ah, we all finally sleep in peace (except for Husband, but he's on the couch now). I desperately try to fall asleep to the sounds of the pug snoring in the corner (he's also in need of a bath, by the way, because he was covered in sticky Sprite when Child 2 spilled the drink of choice for the Kochs when we're sick all over him while she was attempting to eat some dinner.) I just fall asleep and then, wait, it's time to feed the baby again. OK, 20 minutes later it's time to sleep in peace. Or not, because Baby's congestion that seems to never go away is acting up and he can't sleep. So neither can I. Our Pediatrician, who is I think the best in the world, tells me I'm doing all the right things and it can take up to three weeks for it to go away...I'm still waiting... So he and I desperately look at each other, both really wishing we were asleep. We get rest that's interrupted several times due to said congestion and then, yes, it's time to eat again. I glance at my alarm clock and think sweet thoughts about that extra sleep I was supposed to get, and then give up. I'm certain I won't get it anyway, so I feed the baby at the computer to keep myself awake and resolve to get up and dressed after this and get ahead of my busy Nurse Mom day a little bit earlier than usual (an hour earlier than usual). The baby, of course, is now passed out in my arms, sleeping deeply and peacefully. You, know, because he's exhausted from being up half the night coughing. I'm going to go drink some sweet, sweet caffeine and meet up with Beth (Moore) before the sun rises, and then I'm sure I'll be ready for this day to bring it on. I'm also going to make my bed right now so I'm not tempted to just get back into it...

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Anonymous said...

Oh Megan! I definately know about those days! I'm tired now just after simply reading your blog entry. I hope you're all well now. Try massaging little Hudson's chest starting at his sternum and crossing up and over the opposite shoulder. Then, do the same crossing over the other shoulder. This is a massage move that does great things to break up that congestion. :) If you have questions, email me. I will pray you get some much needed REST!
Annie Wing