Monday, November 26, 2007

First Snow

When we woke up last Tuesday morning and looked outside, it looked like this: However, our house still looked like this:
It almost never snows here, and I thought, "How many chances will I have to put up the Christmas decorations when it's actually snowing outside?" We were travelling somewhere else for Thanksgiving, so I didn't need to worry about that, and decided I'd get everything out. It was so much fun, and so exciting. The girls were so excited right along with me. Now, the mantel looks like this:
Here's a picture of the girls when they woke up surprised to find snow outside:
Here's Hudson fascinated with the tree. While I took this picture, he was in the middle of a 10 minute conversation with it:
We LOVE Christmas time in this house! The are so many special, sweet traditions we've already started, many of them centering on remembering the precious gift God has given us in His Son. A new tradition we started this year is Adornaments. I'd highly recommend them if you have small children.

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