Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fun Around the House

Here are a few random pictures I wanted to make sure I posted of Hudson, you know, mostly for my memory's benefit, and one of Grace pretending to be a horse for Patie (an extremely popular game in our house. Lily can even ride now, too). I can't believe how fast Hudson went from a tiny newborn to his currently very chubby self, growing out of all his first outfits. Well, I can believe it, I guess, but no matter how much I know about how fast kids grow, it never ceases to amaze me. I'm living in a constant state of fluctuation between the emotions of being excited with them for all their new victories and skills, and also feeling like they're growing up too fast and time is slipping through my hands! Hudson was actally really happy and comfortable when I took this picture, although looking at it now, he looks like he wasn't...

Adorable outfit courtesy of the fabulous April Thompson

Big smiles when Daddy got home!

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Anonymous said...

what great pictures! i am glad that your family is feeling better and i hope you start to feel better real soon...i know exactly what you mean though. i was so sick over thanksgiving i seriously thought i was either going to waste away or be burn to death because my temp was so high. anyway, know that i love you guys:)