Thursday, November 29, 2007

I THINK It's Over Now??

Ok, so Hudson and I held out as long as we could, but by Tuesday night we were both sick- he only seemed to get a "little" sick, I was really, really sick. Sick like I layed on the floor in the hallway between the bathroom and my bedroom for over half an hour while I gathered the strength to get up after deciding the trip back to the bed was too long to make. Sick, as in I lost 6 lbs. in exactly 24 hours and I didn't leave my bed until 7 pm Wednesday. But, today Jim finally went back to work (after our perpetual Saturday that lasted from the beginning of Thanksgiving vacation last Wednesday and today). He, of course, was a phenomenal dad/husband/nurse while I was sick and I am SO thankful for him! Anyway, today I get really dizzy when I move around too much, but otherwise I know I am getting better. The girls will enjoy taking advantage of my immobility, I'm sure. They're going to love the extra TV I'm going to let them watch today, no doubt, and they really have been trying to be as helpful as they can think of to be.

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