Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Starbucks Morning

Here's Grace and Pate at Starbucks on "Girls Morning Out" last week. Which, really, was "Girls stuck waiting for the van to get fixed at Midas"-- we had a lot of fun and the wait wasn't too long-- but I had come prepared with all kinds of fun things! I obviously go through the Starbucks drive-up window a little too often, because they had no idea that we could ever actually go INSIDE, or that they could ever get anything for THEMSELVES there. Ha. They were impressed. They thought their coconut steamer was every bit as good as Black Hills Bagels', although we agreed that BHB's is truly superior in many ways (e.g.- the Barista didn't know what their "usual" was right away when we walked in, which they love at BHB's).

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Miranda said...

Hey Megan! Just got your Christmas card/letter and saw that you are also a blogger! Merry Christmas. I can't wait to blog stalk you guys!