Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Lefse Country

Here we are in frosty Minnesota, enjoying cookie making and lots of time to do whatever we want for our Christmas vacation, with plenty of fun, talking, and food with family in between. Grace and Patie have checked on the cows, pet the barn kitties and driven in the tractor, with much more farm fun to go. They also made a million cookies with Grandma yesterday and had a blast (she lets them get much messier than I do. They had so much fun.) I'm crocheting a scarf. Lily's pretty much just rolling around on the carpet. Jim is in farm euphoria.

The blog-worthy moment happened not more than an hour after getting here when we sat down to eat dinner (oops- it's called supper here. Dinner happens at lunch time....and lunch is at 8:15 in the morning. OK, now I know you're wondering when do we have breakfast in farm-country Minnesota? That's at 6 a.m., right before chores). Back to the blog-worthy meal. We barely sit down and the girls both have lefse AND herring on their plates. Exercising great restraint, putting their budding sense of ethnic identity in our Scandinavian roots before my own sense of not wanting my girls to eat PICKLED FISH for dinner, er, a, supper, I stayed quiet. They loved it. Go figure.

I'll post pictures of our little Norwegians when we get back next week.


Ashley said...

Sounds like fun! The mental pictures of the girls making cookies and eating pickled fish made my day (as did the phrase "farm euphoria").

I hope you all have a fantastic, blessed Christmas!

katie said...

ahhh! thanks for the translation of what that dish is. wow. i can just see your face, megan, trying desperately to disguise what you were really thinking...ha! merry week before Christmas to you all!!