Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Snow Shakes

When I have a free moment (several of them) I will post and share some of the emerging Christmas traditions we've done over the last few years. Right now, my moments are limited, but I vowed I would post SOMETHING tonight...

It started to snow this afternoon. When we barely had a dusting, Grace enthusiastically asked if we could make "snowflake shakes"- the elusive treat we can only make when there is enough fresh snow on the ground (RARE here in Rapid City). They are, surprisingly, very tasty and very similar to a real shake- especially if you have a child under 2 in the house that drinks whole milk (makes your shakes really nice and creamy...). We make them whenever we get some snow which, as I mentioned before, is not often. But, the girls never let us forget. Here is the (very simple) recipe (Thanks Jen!):

Snow Shakes

1 Blender Full of Fresh Snow (Gently Packed)
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Egg
1/2 C White Sugar
2 C Milk

Blend and Enjoy (with much winter cheer)

We've added cocoa and a little extra sugar for a chocolate version (very tasty), and really, you can mess with the recipe and add whatever you want-- it's always turned out great for us when we've done so.


About Brandon said...

Jennifer makes us a simmilar type of snow shake every year and it is SOOOOO GOOD!

Fun post!


Ashley said...

Oooh ... I'll have to remember this one, especially the next time I have little Texan cousins around (they're all for one more fun thing to do with snow!)

Hey -- would there be a place for an apple pie at tomorrow's Christmas party? Don't really know what you guys have planned for dessert ...