Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fully Known

Here is a picture of Grace on November 12, 2002
Here is a picture of Grace 4 years later, on November 19, 2006
Children are conceived every day and we have turned the miracle into common knowledge and lost most of the wonder at how amazing God's creation is. It is so good to know that God knows us so well. When we got this first picture of Grace, we knew nothing about who she was, what her name would be, nothing but her heartbeat and how many centimeters long she was. God already knew who He was forming, and already knew she'd have curly blonde hair, big blue eyes, a sensitive spirit, and would love to wear her butterfly wings. How amazing is it, all the things He knew about her long before she was ever conceived? He knows infinitely more about Grace and is revealing new things to us every day. There is so much mystery and wonder at the thought of an unborn, forming child, and it is so incredible that God already knows every detail about them, and fully knows each of their days before they have come.

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