Thursday, December 21, 2006

Megan Koch Money Saving Tip #62

For all of you who will receive a gift card this year that you don't really want, there is HOPE. Have you checked out this site? You can swap your gift card with others who want it and are willing to exchange it for a card that they have, or they can just buy it from you if you don't want to swap. (The site supports exchange/sale of cards from hundreds of approved merchants). The real reason I love this site is this: People have their hands on gift cards they'll never use so they're willing to post them on the site and sell them to you for less than what they're actually worth, just to get some cash in their hands out of the deal instead of holding on to a gift card they don't want to use. For example, right now you can get a $75 PotteryBarn gift card for $60. Do the math, and if you're going to spend some money at PotteryBarn anyway.... heloooooo discount. And, you're helping someone else out in the process. It's fun for saving money for yourself, and you can save some money buying gift cards for other people too. I've never actually used the site, but it seems like the process works pretty smoothly. I found it when it was recommended in Real Simple last month. I'm excited to keep checking the site.