Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Good Goodbye.

We said goodbye to a good friend yesterday, just shy of his 15th birthday.  

Bebo welcomed every baby home, then guarded them every minute of their lives.  He was patient, gentle, loyal, and a fierce protector from strangers, other dogs, and rabbits in the yard.  He listened to a thousand read-aloud stories, and wore every dress up costume we had.  He played nurse to sick kids, and nanny when I was cooking dinner.  He was there for almost every hike and road trip, and loved to be out on the water, checking things out.  He did some cool tricks, too.

Life was the best it could have been for him.  When we lost Bacon, we knew it'd be a matter of time before we lost Bebo too.  So we doubled down on all the things he loved most, and made his last years very good ones.  Extra rides.  The best treats.  Special food.  All the stops.

He was rowdy until nearly the end, and last year when he just couldn't handle the action like he used to, it was us telling him to slow down, because he wouldn't do it on his own.  Then this year, he just started to fade.  One thing at a time, slow, then fast.  He never got sick; he just got very tired.  And this week we knew it was time.

In my mind he'll always be up ahead of us on the trail, ready to run right back the minute I call.  He'll always be a little dirty; muddy paws and that gleam of mischief in his eyes, living his best life.

He was such a good boy, and it was such a good run.  We're grieving hard, but it was a good goodbye.

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