Friday, July 15, 2016

Saying Goodbye.

Today we say goodbye to a good friend.

Bacon and Bebo joined us when Grace was six months old; for as long as we've been a family, the boys have been a part of the pack.

They've welcomed babies home and made them their own.  They've watched every movie, been on every road trip.  They've attended to sick children and comforted them after bad dreams.  They've photobombed nearly all our snapshots.  They were partners in crime to four sneaky toddlers.  They've worn tiaras, they've snuggled up for thousands of naps.

Bacon, in particular, loved the naps.

When we found out this week that Bacon had cancer, we knew we needed to let him go.

He was 12 years old, and we always knew this day would come, one way or another. But that doesn't make it easier, or the space without him smaller.  Bacon was our baby that never got any bigger.

We have cried and cried.

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