Tuesday, July 19, 2016

For Every Woman with a Heart on Fire.

Women of the Church, this is for you.

Have you ever had divine words call up out of your heart and just burn to be spoken? You might be a preacher, and we need you to preach.

Are you extremely organized, efficient, and productive? Great at managing things at home and helping your family thrive? You might have powerful gifts of administration and leadership, and we need your brilliant, God-given strategies to lead us outward as we take the Gospel to the margins of the city and the world and meet Jesus there.

Do you love teaching children and shaping their hearts with Jesus? You might be a shepherd with incredible teaching gifts, and we- men, women, children, the lost and the redeemed- need those gifts released in the church right now.

Are you most alive when your hands are in the dirt and mess of the world, helping up the least of these? We need you to bring us along with you to heal the broken.

Do you intercede constantly, heaven-fire fueling in your very bones? We need you to teach us to pray as the kingdom comes right here, right now.

Women, you are called to make disciples. You are anointed by Jesus himself to preach and live the Good News. Nothing- nothing- can hold those holy gifts back, should you agree to let Jesus take you over and pour his holy self out of you.

You do not need to keep your voice down. We need you to to speak, to serve, and to lead in the Church.

If you've never been told, if you've never been invited, consider this your invitation.

We affirm you, we invite you, and we'll walk with you as you become every single thing Jesus created you to be.

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