Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Trails Extreme Edition: Victoria Falls

When someone hears that I travelled to Zambia on an immersion/mission trip, they assume a certain amount of miserable roughing it was involved.  To be clear, Zambia is not America, but because I've come to feel so at home there, I really could put up with most anything for a time, given the spiders follow the rules and stay on the walls.  I expect Zambia to be Zambia, and to be there is very, very special.
Actually I caught myself explaining to people that I've been away on vacation for a couple of weeks- three times I referred to my time in Zambia as "vacation" without thinking about it.  Were parts of it difficult?  Sure.  But we were doing good, hard things together, in a group that included of some of my favorite people on earth.  We prayed hard, fought battles, taught HIV/AIDS prevention education, walked the ghetto, used every kind of African bathroom imaginable- but to me, that's honestly a joy in the end.  Just joy.
So that said, it wasn't all dirt and battling with evil.
Want to see some pictures from Victoria Falls? 
Gracie, I saw a real life giant red parrot flying down in those trees.  For reals.  I am so sad I couldn't get a shot for you.
We visited the falls on my first trip, but I didn't bring my camera, which I have since regretted many times.  This time I was ready.

Photo Credit: Rachel Durik

Photo Credit: Abby Phillips

Photo Credit: Rachel Durik
This trail was amazing.

Photo Credit: Rachel Durik

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