Thursday, June 27, 2013

EXIF Data How-To

This is just a quick note for any of you who ask me about my photos and how I take them.

I make my EXIF information available for every public image I have on Flickr so my students can access it at any time.  Sharing my EXIF data (Exchangable Image File) is a handy way to share every conceivable fact you might want to know about how I created an exposure, from all of the settings to the type of camera and lens I have.  So, if you're new to photography or trying to be more intentional about how you create your exposures, you may find yourself observing other people's images and wondering about how they were made; the type of focus used, the shutter speed or ISO, or whether or not they used a flash.

So if you see an image on this site that is not directly connected to Flickr, go ahead and send me a message, and I'll be happy to link you over to that information.  If you see an image from within a Flickr slide show, you can click right on over and see it all for yourself.

Any image you see will be Straight Out of Camera (SOOC), so you can know that the data you see is what makes up that photograph, and nothing else (no post-processing.)  I hope that's helpful to you.

And don't forget- if you ever have a question about photography, you can just ask.  Really.  

So- EXIF data:

Let's say you're viewing the slide show from this post.

You have a question about this photo:

1.  Go ahead and click on that photo while the slide show is playing.  The file name (a series of numbers) will pop up alongside my name in a box at the top.  Click the file name and it will take you to this photo's specific page on Flickr.

2.  Below the photo there will be lots of miscellaneous information under my profile image.  Just above the copyright symbol you'll see the phrase Additional Info (show more.)  Click on show more to see a quick rundown of my exposure settings for that particular shot.

For this image, my shutter speed was 1/1250, my aperture was f/2, ISO was set at 800, and it was taken with an 85mm fixed lens.

Want to know EVEN MORE?

3.  In the bottom right hand corner of the black display box you'll see three dots.  Click them, then click "View Exif Info."  Click here to see what you'll get.  More than you wanted to know- but you're welcome to it.

That's it!

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