Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Current Class Dates for Spring/Summer 2013 {Sioux Falls Photography Classes}

*Update: All profits from class sales this Spring and Summer will help to fund a great cause.  Read more here.

I planned to announce my current class dates for Spring 2013 starting in April.  Not only is April here, but some amazing warm weather showed up too!

This Spring I am offering a much more personal experience for my students.  I decided last winter that rather than booking larger groups, I would focus on meeting you one-on-one or in groups no larger than five in your own homes (here in Sioux Falls) or in my own home in Northwestern Sioux Falls.

These settings have always been such an incredible experience, and they allow me to meet my students "right where they are."  That's a philosophy I've valued from the beginning, and it is what drives me when I teach.  Yes, even total strangers can come to my house for classes.  We'll drink coffee, you'll meet my dogs; I just had two fantastic ladies come last weekend for a class, and it was a blast!

When you'd like to know more about your camera, often you simply don't know what questions to ask.  When you do have questions, you don't know who to ask; and finding help from other photographers can be intimidating.

I'm just a woman who received a camera as a gift, and figured it out on her own (with lots of help.)  I remember how overwhelming that was, but I loved it.  These classes are a way to pay it forward and offer all the help I can to you at a very reasonable cost.  Not only do you get a hands-on class experience, but you will get a packet to take home that covers all the material we discuss, and access to ask me any and all camera and photography-related questions you have going forward.   You can send me images you have questions about and I'll troubleshoot you through them.  I love this part, so ask away!

I'm a natural light photographer (I never use a flash.)  My style is real-life and uncomplicated.  I'm hungry for alive, unprocessed, beautiful images straight out of my camera without the use of expensive software and equipment.  That makes me a wonderful resource for you, as you are most likely a real-life everyday photographer.  I teach with images from my everyday life, which is probably a lot like yours.  I'd love to get together with you and talk more!

I offer two classes, which are independent of one another; class content does not overlap.  Here are some details:

DSLR Basics

The DSLR class is appropriate for anyone who owns a DSLR or hopes to purchase one.

We will, in just one class, cover everything you need to know in order to move from Auto Mode, through the priority modes, and right into full Manual Mode.  A ton of other information will be covered as well, including how to get clear, focused shots, how to shoot in poor lighting situations, and how to avoid many other common pitfalls.  If you own a DSLR and do not confidently shoot in Manual Mode 100% of the time, or perhaps do not understand what most of the buttons "mean," this class is for you.

Creative Basics

This class is for anyone with a camera.

Technical skill is just one side of the coin.  A technically perfect exposure can be very dull and lifeless if not coupled with visual method.  The Basics class covers rules of composition and creative techniques that will inspire you to take your photographic "eye" to the next level.  We'll spend the class discussing many ways to turn an everyday snapshot into a true "photograph;" all with techniques we employ before clicking the shutter.  This is not about editing; it is about putting life, interest, purpose, and beauty into our exposures.

The Details
We can book a single session, or book an afternoon to work through both sessions in one day.  If you are completely new to DSLR photography, I highly recommend taking this class alone, and booking the Creative class another day.

Classes run about 1.5 to 2 hours, and are priced at $25 per participant.

I am currently booking Saturdays only, for morning and afternoon sessions.  Contact me with any questions you have or if you're ready to book.

You can email me at, or call 605.863.0075.

Every one of the shots from this post is an unedited, straight out of camera shot from my real life.  Each was taken in a unique situation and could not have been possible without technical and visual command over the exposure.  I'd love to see your pictures, answer your questions, and show you how to get more control over your images, too.


Anonymous said...

How do I sign up for the class?what are the dates and the cost?

Megan said...


Information on cost and how to contact me to book a spot is available in "The Details" section, just above the comments at the end of this post.

Thanks so much!