Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Patie's Puppet.

A couple of weeks ago Patience told me she was making a puppet in art class. "Well, I think it will be really neat, but I'm not even close to being done with it.  I decided to decorate it with lots of dots and patterns.  I think I got in a little over my head."

I thought that was adorable. 

She did take a while to finish it, though that's nothing new.  Patience does everything methodically and purposefully.  We're used to waiting for Patience.  Very used to it.

Her art teacher is awesome and always lets her finish her projects in her own time, knowing it's late for the best reasons.  He told her this puppet would be worth the extra time because it was so beautiful. 

Last Friday she came home with her completed puppet, which was of course beautiful and very much worth the time.

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