Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Real Food: The Less-Guilty Pleasure

I thought I'd take a break from recipes today and instead share a couple of my favorite less-guilty pleasures: Zevia and Pop Chips.

They aren't nutritious in any way, they don't make me full.  They don't have any benefit other than that they are there for me in the times I want to pop open a can of something cold, bubbly and delicious that isn't going to turn me into an addict, and the times when I want to open up a bag of something tasty and crunchy, and just enjoy

Zevia is a tasty brand of all-natural soda, and I've never tried a kind I didn't like (though my favorite, by far, is Ginger Root Beer.)  Most of the flavors do not contain caffeine, though I know the Cola does. They are calorie-free, as they are sweetened with Stevia.  Does it cost a bit more than traditional soda?  Yes.  But for me soda is a luxury, so I don't have one every day, and when I do it's a real treat.  

Pop Chips.  An all-natural line of chips.  I think I've tried them all, thanks to variety packs I find discounted on Amazon.  I dislike the salt and vinegar, but they taste just as they should.  I like to get these in the 100 calorie bags so it's easy to portion them out.  Again, they by no means make me full (though they are great dipped in greek yogurt.)  Pop Chips are there for me when I want something "bad" that "isn't."  You follow?

Do you have a favorite less-guilty snack food?

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