Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Real Food: Fresh Ginger Tea

Today I wanted to share a simple way to make your own fresh ginger tea.

This is very easy, but if you don't regularly use ginger, you might not have thought of it.  In addition to being delicious and relatively inexpensive, ginger has a fine reputation for doing your body good.

I like to brew a cup of green tea (usually this one,) then I grate a 1" piece of ginger root (skin removed) over a small plate using a microplane grater.

Next, I flip my grater over "safe" side up above my tea cup, and place the grated ginger on top.  I use the flat side of my knife to press and extract the juice from the grated ginger*, and give my tea a stir.  Sometimes I actually toss the grated ginger in the cup as well for an extra punch.

When I'm looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, I might use a caffeinated green tea, and toss in some coconut oil and honey along with my ginger for a little boost.

You might consider adding ginger to your favorite spiced tea, or a fruit tea, such as pear or berry.

Hot tea on a cold day is a good way to get warmed up; hot tea infused with ginger is even better.

*This makes me feel like I'm in Potions class.  You might not understand.

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