Thursday, February 28, 2013

Real Food Farewell

When I decided to start this little series I had just two goals: 

1.  Post 5 simple, fast, and wholesome recipes from our everyday life each week.
2.  For a whole month.

I did it!  I blogged through the entire month of February. I had some fun with the practice of photographing our food before we ate it, and I enjoyed sharing some of our favorites with you.
Along the way I also reminded a BUNCH of people how easy it is to make popcorn on a stove top, and enjoyed all the side conversations I had with friends in person and online about food.  I love friends and I love food- so that was a bonus!

I created a Pinterest board of the recipes from the series as well as some other recipes I've blogged in the past.  You can find it here.

Bon Appetit!


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan,

I just wanted to say that I've really enjoyed your Real Food series -- Thanks so much for taking the time to blog about it. I've been making popcorn like crazy in the past couple of weeks and am in love with coconut oil now! I'm looking forward to trying a bunch of the other recipes you posted, as well.

K.C. (longtime reader from New York!)

Megan said...

Thank you so much! I am really glad you've enjoyed it!