Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A few weeks ago the back 50 pages of this well-loved paperback fell away from the binding.  (We bought it in like-new condition; it's gotten some love since then!)

It was brought to my attention that Daddy had told Patience to recycle it and we'd get a hardcover copy.
I had a, "Do I even KNOW you?!?" moment and was completely shocked.

I am not a saver and any time something is broken or getting shabby, you can count on me to want to replace it for something bigger and better the minute it would be reasonable to do so.  Jim is the opposite and will hold on to things as long. as. possible.

And so, our opinions reverse when it comes to books.  He is practical and heartless, and I am under the impression that a book is better with time; better the more worn and loved-out it looks and feels.  In addition to this, YOU JUST DO NOT THROW OUT A PERFECTLY GOOD BOOK!!!!

I actually shed a tear while explaining this to Jim, who laughed at me.

I got my way, and like the librarian I am in my heart I reinforced it with care.  Patie says it's actually even nicer to hold now- it lays open better and is more sturdy. 

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