Monday, October 8, 2012

A Blanket.

I love so many people who are hurting right now; they're being hurt by the ones they love, they are hurting them in return.  Just raw, blinding hurt.

I don't want any of them to settle for less than wholeness, or to give in to lifeless existing.  I want them to fight for right relationships.  But I also wish I knew how to help them let go of the people around them, to surrender to God the one will that they can; their own.  I am learning with them.

What I know is that in my life I have been hurt by people who should have loved me.  I need to feel free to talk about that, and to let things get messy with God and with others while we work through it. But if I expect these people to get right, to ask forgiveness, to get whole before I can get whole- I will die waiting to be free.  If I place that condition on them, it's nothing but a security blanket against facing my own brokenness.

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