Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fall Class Dates {Sioux Falls Photography Classes}

I will be partnering with the Museum of Visual Materials once again this fall.  We are offering two popular photography classes that will help you take your camera and your creativity to the next level. 

These classes are perfect for everyday photographers- no previous experience is required.  Many of my students have been surprised at how much information they gain from just one class; and all of the information is condensed in a take home packet for reference as you go.

Classes are small, with no more than 10 participants at a time.  They're also fun, laid-back, and hands-on.  I am passionate about teaching others how to create technically and creatively excellent photographs in camera, without relying on the aid of post-processing or expensive equipment.

The DSLR class is appropriate for anyone who owns a DSLR or hopes to purchase one.  We will, in just one class, cover everything you need to know in order to move from Auto Mode, through the priority modes and right into Manual- with a ton of other information to boot.  You will walk out of this class armed with more knowledge than 90% of the people who own a DSLR.  I promise.  Also, that statistic is made up.  You get the idea.

DSLR classes will be held September 26 and October 29.

Technical skill is just one side of the coin.  A technically perfect exposure can be very dull to behold if not coupled with visual method.  The Basic Photography class covers the rules of composition and also creative techniques that will inspire you and stretch your creativity to new levels. This class is visual, expressive, and also quite practical.  It's perfect for anyone with a camera.  We'll spend the hour discussing how to turn an everyday snapshot into a true photograph before you click the shutter.

Basic Photography classes will be held September 19 and October 17.

All classes are held from 7 to 8:30 PM.

Each class is designed to provide a wealth of information in just one session.  Content does not overlap between the DSLR and Basics courses.  All classes are held at the Museum of Visual Materials located in Downtown Sioux Falls at 500 N. Main.  Class size is limited and pre-registration is required.  The class fee, $25, is due at the time of the session.  Contact Jessica at the MoVM to register by calling 605.271.9500.  Feel free to contact me with any general questions you might have.

I'm looking forward to these sessions- and I hope to see you there!

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