Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventure is Out There.

Now that the girls are in school, Hudson and I have started a new routine.  Instead of just going to the park by our house, we visit parks around the city- anything with a nature trail.

Parks and paths are virtually empty at 8 a.m. on weekdays.  It's quiet and cool and the animals are out and about.  We spot dragonflies, butterflies, crickets, birds, fish and turtles, spiders and their webs.   

Last week we were walking near a pond and Hudson said, "Look!!!  A frog!"  I looked and looked where he was pointing and didn't see anything.  I was about to say a dismissive, "That's cool, Buddy."  Meaning, "Whatever, maybe you see it, maybe you think you do."  And then I saw it.  A huge frog the size of a bread plate, camouflaged on the muddy bank.  So I said "Wow!  You're right!"  And Hudson said, "Yep!  Now I have the Eagle Eye!"

(Grace has an incredible eye for visual detail- she doesn't miss anything in a room.  She notices everything, and any change from "normal." So, if someone's missing a shoe, a book, a ball or a sock, we always use the "Eagle Eye"; Grace.  If she doesn't immediately know where said article is, she'll find it in less than 5 minutes. So Hudson was thrilled he could spot something with his own "Eagle Eye," which is to say, my son is adorable.)

It was a fantastic frog, and it let Hudson sneak really, really close before making a lightning fast leap into the water.

Later that day we ran into an especially bold squirrel.  Hudson tries to get close to squirrels but they always run away.  This one just hopped up on a branch to get a better look at Hudson from above.  Hudson got right under the branch, super-quiet, and started talking to the squirrel, and making kissing noises at it, like how we talk to our bird. 

After a minute or so, the squirrel- interest piqued, ears perked and tail twitching- started to talk back.  Not a chirping or clicking like you hear in movies- more of a mumbling jumble of sounds, almost like humming. They talked back and forth, the squirrel and Hudson, for several minutes until a couple walked by with their dog and the squirrel was off.  I don't think Hudson will ever forget it.  He left assuming he and the squirrel were now "best buddies."

Adventure is out there!

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