Friday, July 13, 2012

Ain't No Flaw in a Ravenclaw...

Like I said in this post, Jim and I were both sorted into Ravenclaw House on Pottermore.

Grace and Patience joined Pottermore once they had finished the series.  As they were sorted using different questions, on separate computers, in separate rooms, the Sorting Hat declared Patience a Ravenclaw almost instantly and we were so excited!  The hat took time sorting Grace and we waited and waited and waited, (as I silently repeated "Not Slytherin! Not Slytherin!" over and over to myself...)

Suddenly the page popped up and declared, "Ravenclaw!"

It was so exciting.

We're keeping the blue and the bronze in the family and it is so fun to enjoy nerdery (and amazing books) with our kids.


Ashley said...

1. I may have to try your cherry experiment, although possibly with other fruit. (It's never occurred to me to broil fruit before...)

2. Finally dove into Pottermore last week myself -- woot for Ravenclaw! :)

Eva said...

i've been meaning to get around to the sorting. terry makes fun of me!

anne said...

That's great! I've been reading through the Potter series for the first time this summer!!
( I tried when it was big but couldn't get into it...addicted now!)

Ps-I am such a loser. I meant to get in touch with you wheni was up with my parents, and I never did! My areas in an accident and that threw my whole week off! so,sorry! Next items for sure...we'll make it happen!