Monday, May 21, 2012

Just for fun.

The girls have a Pinterest board where they've got tons of extremely easy food ideas for fun summer snacks.

Today we made these (if you want them to stay assembled, you should fasten the cherries on top with a toothpick- the kids ate these immediately, though.  So simple.

It was one of those "lick the plate" sort of snacks...

Here they are planning last week's lunch and snack menu...

They use Pinterest for special snacks and  cute presentation ideas.  Their lunch menu for the summer consists of general kid-like fare; things we "never" eat unless they ask for them, like hot dogs, mac and cheese.  Also homemade burritos etc.  This is stuff they can help make quickly at lunch time.  Giving them the chance to choose their own menu is exciting for them, it keeps lunch new every day, and teaches them how to plan a simple menu and shopping list.

Two days a week they do some "actual" cooking- either from kid-friendly  recipes online or from this cookbook (which is AWESOME.)

It is so very, very fun to move on to a season in life when our kids can begin doing so many things for themselves- and we get to join them just for fun.


Lorri said...

For the banana split bites, did you dip the banana in chocolate then roll in sprinkles? Just wondering about recipe of sorts..thanks! I love the idea of planning their lunches, I have a daughter that is going to start this today!

Megan said...

There was no recipe, but we rolled the bananas in melted chocolate, let it set just slightly, then dipped the ends in a bowl of sprinkes- it was a little messy, but worked!